Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello World

Maybe "Hello World" is stretching it a bit. It's probably more likely that this post will be read by me, my wife and then maybe some obese guy who lives in his mum's basement and has dedicated his life to reading every page of the internet. If such a man exists you have to admire his ambition. I've still not got round to reading War and Peace because it's too many pages, imagine how many pages of the internet they are.

Stop imagining now. Because I want to tell you what this blog is about. Its about me. I'm a writer from the UK and I am soon going to be releasing my first novel. I also develop choose your own adventure Android apps as well. I also have a proper job in the real world but that it not what this blog it going to be about.

The plan at the moment is to use this blog as a place to put up bits and pieces about what I am doing, it will be a mixture of stuff about self publishing on the kindle, writing in general, developing android apps and reviews of stuff I have read, seen and heard. It might sound a little bit sketchy at the moment but it will work itself out. Or it won't. 

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