Someone Else's Dream

Do you really know what you want out of your life? Simon doesn't. He is 28 years old and has no idea what he should be doing with his life. Then things start to change for him. His girlfriend dumps him, he quits his job after accidentally blackmailing his boss and then tries to work out what to do next.

Simon travels the country trying to work out how to live his life. While trying (and failing) to find answers he meets some interesting people and has some strange experiences. He poses as a journalist, gets hopelessy drunk, nearly gets involved in a threesome, helps a psychotherapist in crisis, performs guerilla good deeds and unwittingly participates in an edgy art project. Along the way Simon starts to see how other people live their lives, but does he really just want to live out someone else's dream?

This book is currently being prepared to be published and should hopefully be released in the next few weeks. It will be available as an ebook or paperback. If you would like an email to notify you about the book's release, please sign up to my mailing list: 

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